Resource Initiative


 We have tasked ourself with the responsibility of providing resources to all who desire pursuing their true professional visions. Weather you have a gift for fashion, creative arts, music, design, public speaking or professionals fields such as tech, finance, education, medical or sales we’ll have the resources to help guide you. 

Our goal is to raise $100,000 in funding through merchandise sales, investments and donations to allocate towards resources to work directly with creative entrepreneurs and begin constructing a D.E.A.L.S. Entrepreneur Resource facility. We have already taken the first step by allocating a majority of our branded merchandise sales profit towards Initiative funding. 

We understand that the #1 thing that prevents individuals from exploring their gifts and ideas in entrepreneurship is not knowing where/how to start and not having the money to invest in the resources they need to get started. That is why in an effort to combat that issue our D.E.A.L.S Resource facility will be designed with creative space dedicated to photography studios, film production software and equipment, a podcast studio, art studio, and creative office space. We also intend to provide educational material for those who have a passion for pursuing professional industries such as medical, finance, IT, education, management etc.